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What is "The Grim Line"?

The Grim Line is 2 candles created by Jenni and Taylor of the podcast "A Little Bit Grim". A Little Bit Grim is a podcast of 2 lifelong friends who tell eachother the cases, stories and reports of the true crime, paranormal, folklore, conspiracry, cults, and disasters that haunt them the most. Honestly, it's all just a little bit grim. 

Jenni and Taylor approached us in early June about collaborating on a candle with their brand that would bring awareness to something very near and dear to them: suicide prevention.  As listeners of their podcast and people who cope with heavy things using sometimes dark and maybe questionable humor - we were a hundred percent on board with this line. 

Most importantly, we have also decided that for every Grim candle we sell, we will be donating $1 to the Suicide Prevention Hotline

Meet Jenni and Taylor of "A Little Bit Grim"

The Grim Gals

Taylor and Jenni have been best friends since the dawn of time, which was in 2008. After a few traumatic losses and a couple bottles of wine, they crowned themselves the Queens of Grim and thus, your favorite indie pod was born 🖤 Living somewhere between tears of heartache and tears of laughter, ALBG has been streaming it all since April 2020.

How We Connected with ALBG

BFF Candle co-owner, Alyssa went to high school with Taylor and immediately added ALBG to her list of true crime podcasts she listens to as soon as she saw Taylor announce it on social media. In June of 2021, Taylor reached out to Alyssa with the idea of a suicide prevention candle and after testing some different scent combos, they couldn't decide so we made it a set and The Grim Line was born!

The Grim Line

Both scents, names and artwork in this collection were hand picked by Jenni and Taylor themselves with little help from us. They told us they wanted fall scents that weren't pumpkin or cinnamon and that's exactly what they got! Both of these scents are the PERFECT fall aromas. The whole purpose of The Grim Line was to raise awareness for suicide prevention as September is Suicide Prevention Month but we wanted take it a step further so for every Grim candle that's purchased, we will be donating $1 to the Sucide Prevention Hotline.

Connect with Jenni and Taylor

Be a grimlin! You can listen to A Little Bit Grim on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you get your podcasts. You can follow them on Instagram at @alittlebitgrimpod or you can follow them on Twitter at @ALittleBitGrim2 or you can join their FB page "A Little Bit Grim"