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What is #TheLotusLine?

It's our very first collaboration! Lotus Revival Massage Therapy is owned and operated in Ossian, Indiana by Kourtney Townsend. We partnered with Kourtney to come up with 4 scents that represent her, her business and her wonderful clients. #TheLotusLine is a collection of 4 scents that you can buy seperately or in a bundle. 

We are so proud of this collaboration. Not only is it our first collaboration, but it is bringing together 2 locally owned businesses who are owned and operated by strong women. 

Available online or in store at Lotus Revival Massage Therapy located in Ossian, Indiana

Meet Kourtney of Lotus Revival

Meet Kourtney

Kourtney Townsend is a licensed massage therapist and is the owner of Lotus Revival. She has a passion for for self care and helping people feel like the most relaxed and best version of themselves. 

How We Connected with Kourtney

BFF Candle co-owner, Alyssa and Kourtney have been lifelong friends and Alyssa knew when they started diving into custom and branded candles that she wanted Kourtney to be their first collab! She reached out to Kourtney, immediately ideas started flying and #TheLotusLine was born!


All the scents and names in this collection were hand picked and developed by Kourtney with minimal help from us. Every aroma represents Kourtney as a person and her beloved business which she has built from the ground up.  We admire her drive, dedication and strength as a fellow female entreprenuear. 

Connect with Kourtney and Lotus Revival

Lotus Revival is on social media! You can follow Kourtney and her rad business on Facebook and Instagram or you can check out the services she offers  by clicking here to visit her website. We highly reccomend that 60 minute theraputic massage.